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Full-Service Packing

Our highly-trained packers will pack all your belongings utilizing the best techniques and materials available.

Fragile Packing

For those belongings requiring special protection and extra care, we will provide fragile-only packing services.These items can include artwork, mirrors, china, antiques, etc.



There is no doubt that you are going to pack your cherished possessions with utmost care and attention in order to ensure their safety during shipment. Proper packing, however, requires a lot of time and energy, as well as plenty of specialized wrapping and padding materials. So, if you can’t dedicate enough effort to the tedious packing process, don’t have adequate packing supplies, or just prefer not to risk damaging your delicate items, you can have professional packers take care of your belongings. The task will be completed in a safe and speedy manner and the movers will be liable for damage (the moving companies usually don’t assume liability for items that have been packed by the customer). You will be charged for this extra service based on the time it takes to pack up your household, the type and amount of packing materials used, and the complexity of the job.

If you have delicate pieces of art or other valuable articles that don’t fit into standard moving boxes, you can request custom packing services (such as crating). Your treasured possessions will be contained in custom-built wooden crates or cardboard boxes cut apart and form-fitted around every single item to provide maximum protection.

Unpacking services are also available upon your request – the movers will take your items directly to their designated places in your new home, unpack them and dispose of the packing materials for an extra fee.

If you are not sure how to disassemble and prepare your large furniture pieces for moving, consider using professional help (especially when it comes to antiques or very expensive items). The movers have the specialized equipment and the required know-how to safely dismantle your furniture, take it out of your home, load it onto the moving truck, secure it properly inside, and deliver it to your new home in perfect condition. Then, you can have the movers put your furniture back together, so that it is immediately ready for use.

The costs for disassembling and reassembling your furniture are usually calculated on an hourly basis.

Your movers will assess an extra fee for handling extremely heavy and bulky items, such as pianos, safes, pool tables, hot tubs, etc. Have in mind that such articles are not only very difficult to pack and move but they also considerably increase the total weight of your shipment which results in higher moving costs.

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As you prepare to move, it is a good idea to examine your current residence as well as your new area or neighborhood. This can help you assess if the truck will be able to park a reasonable distance and not require a shuttle charge. If you are moving into an apartment complex, you should check if there is a loading area or a designated spot that you can book for your moving truck to use to get items into or out of your building. If there is no such spot or area, you can check if there is parking that the truck can safely park at and still be close enough to safely carry your belongings to and from the truck.


These additional options are an easy way to increase your level of protection in the event that the unexpected happens during your move.

If your belongings are worth more than the default amount of Full-Value Protection, you can increase the total amount at the low cost of $5.50 per additional $1,000 FVP.

This package expands your Full-Value Protection to include potential damage to pairs and sets, or related to mechanical malfunction or acts of God.

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If your pickup or delivery is delayed beyond the dates on your paperwork, we’ll compensate you for the inconvenience at an increased rate of $250 per day.

Get a year of platinum membership and protection against ID theft with SOLUS Identity Theft Protection.

If you need to make a claim, we can help you complete your forms and fast track the claim as a priority.

If we are ready to deliver your belongings as scheduled and you aren’t ready, we’ll extend our included wait time up to four hours.


We offer total satisfaction to our customers.


We are always ready to do the best for our customers.


One of Paulista Moving’s job tools is punctuality.


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